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Regional Manager


1, formulate marketing plan according to company strategy, decompose sales target and implement it, and ensure the completion of the plan.

2, supervise the implementation of sales policies and implement various systems.

3. Organize the implementation of post responsibilities, evaluate the work of subordinates and assist in the formulation and implementation of performance improvement plans.

4, responsible for organizing sales personnel to carry out training and guidance in operation ability and quality.


1, has the relevant industry sales experience, more than 2 years of customer management experience.

2. A deep understanding of market sales, good market judgement and pioneering ability.

3, grasp the development trend of industry and market.

4. High enthusiasm for work, good teamwork spirit, strong observation and adaptability.

Two, sales representatives

1. College degree or above, more than 2 years experience in marketing and promotion;

2. Good communication, presentation and negotiation skills.

3. Strong sense of responsibility, dedicated, optimistic and open-minded, with strong initiative and team spirit.

4. Has keen market insight and analysis ability, good at developing customer resources, can independently manage operational projects and formulate planning plans.